Friday, March 6, 2015

Big Fluffy Sheep and Thousands of Frog Eggs

 What could be better than a bunch of big fat fluffy mama sheep sitting in mounds under the trees in a small green pasture under the spring sun, even if there was a thin, chilly wind slicing through the field?  My friend A and I did a mega walk, a little over 4 miles, by combining several trails through woods, fields, along the river, and down the breezy hill behind my house. 
We came home through the woods trail that goes past the two frog ponds so that we could check on the frogs.  Happily we found thousands of frog eggs clustered along the edge of one of the ponds in the shallow pond-weedy area.  Not a frog was in sight, no sounds, no rings in the water left by disappearing frogs;  but they've left behind a healthy-looking crop of tadpole eggs for sure.

1 comment:

  1. mama sheep waiting for lambing? and those frog eggs, well, that report is so full of hope!