Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Metal Fish, a Byzantine Bud

At F's house today while we were working on organizing our materials depot, I spied a little metal fish, curved slightly, dark grey metal with verdigris in the lines that were incised in it.  Then later, with everything organized and in a place of perfection, we went walking around her garden and I collected some twigs.  The most elaborate was a terminal bud on an oak-leaf hydrangea (4291 and 4292 as well as 4287 and 4389).  This bud looks like a shrine, a finial on a Renaissance four-poster bed, a holy-of-holies of some kind, the pulpit in a Byzantine cathedral.  As a bonus it has bright orange trim, softly furry surfaces, and a perfect leaf scar, also orange and with seven dots.  I want one of these plants just so that I can watch the unfurling of these buds while sitting under the branches in the moonlight.


  1. i would also like to watch the unfurling while sitting under branches in the moonlight. : )

  2. thanks for the interesting info on various budding habits. I had no idea what a terminal bud was or looked like. this one is especially intricate and your comparisons suit this bud... I think I might plant an oak-leaf hydrangea.