Monday, March 23, 2015

How Those Charlottes Have Ended Up

 Tonight's drawing's are sections of the woodblock that I carved of the charlottes playing after dark.  I printed the block today then painted in the greens and blues and drew some lines that run through the print.

 They're not arranged here in any order.  The block is a rectangle around 9 x 13".


Next step is to do a color separation and carve a second block to overprint the greens and blues.
 It's going to be a short edition, 20 probably;  so it's entirely possible to print only the line block and then hand watercolor each one.  Takes about 15 minutes to spot in the colors.  Have to decide how I want the surface to look in order to make that decision.

Stay tuned for the complete and assembled print in a couple of weeks.



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