Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nothing Says Spring Like Shiny Red Puddle Boots!

What?  More Charlottes?  YES!  Five new rejected charlottes from the source.  I am so happy to add these to the out-of-control colony of them on my drawing table.  I'm thinking about a permanent installation for them.
And in the same box with the charlottes, this beautiful ceramic statue from Haiti, and the happiest pair of rubber boots in the world!  They make me think of my grandmother's two old friends, ancient twins named Marcelle and Gaby, who sometimes came (wearing hats with veils and carrying large carpet-bag-like purses) on the streetcar to visit my grandmother, and the three of them spoke French all afternoon, which none of us kids could understand, while Marcelle and Gaby handed out presents to the kids.  One time they brought me a pair of red rubber boots, very similar to these, and told me they were called "puddlers" -- ["Alors!  Voici les poood- lay pour tu, ma cherie!"]  Thanks so much, F!

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