Friday, February 24, 2017

Rainy Morning with Fire

We're all lounging on the sofa.  Outside it's gray and chilly and a little rainy.  Perfect day for a fire.
Bill the bearded dragon is allowed to join us on the sofa.  The dogs and cat take his presence in stride.
Tallis is practicing for his lesson this afternoon.
Eventually some of us slide onto the floor in front of the fireplace for a couple of rounds of Carcasonne.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lovely Chickies and a Guest Blogger

Mike's chickens are diverse and beautiful.  Here are (clockwise from top left)  a Delaware, a Buff Orpington, a Production Red, and a Silver Laced Wyandote.
Above are a big Kosher King rooster and a Delaware plus a goofy drawing of a little hen sitting in a corner of the coop, maybe a Silver Laced Wyandote.
And here's a page of Delawares.
Up in the left corner is a Tic Tac that I drew as a demo for 8 year old Barno, who is starting 100 drawings!
This is his drawing #6.
And his drawing #3.
He likes his drawing #13 because he was figuring out how to depict transparency.  I can't wait to see his #100.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Drawings from around Enfield, including snuggling dogs and a small birdhouse.
Various sketches of Barno
And one of the perpetual xmas trees--

Maplewood then on to Enfield

We went to Turtle Back Zoo near Maplewood yesterday, and here are some highlights:  it's a well-done zoo, with large fields and environments for the animals, some of which are rescues.  In the bison area were four or five beautiful bisons.  This small bird was nearby.

The greater rhea looked like a small emu, and the capiburra like a very large groundhog.  Good speed drawing practice , also practice drawing with a child tugging at my arm!
A sad - looking little donkey in a yard with a few ponies.  Does anyone go to the zoo without children in tow?
One of Nate's favorites, an injured bald eagle. The rest of these are quick sketches from Amtrak waiting room at Penn station.
This woman was frantically reading fb newsfeed and showing outrageous items to her friend, who was hunched over her own phone.
Since everyone nearby was staring at a phone I got lots of practice drawing hands clutching phones and readers!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

On the Road to Maplewood

Airport drawings from this morning, when we were expecting to take off at 9 for our direct flight to Newark on Allegiant.
As we were taxiing the plane suddenly lurched and stopped.  The pilot came on and told us a gauge was faulty and had to be checked.  So we sat for a while , then ended up with all of us having to get on another identical plane.  
Finally in the air and only two hours late getting to Maplewood.
Nate drew and cut out and I sewed this little voodoo doll.  Then Abby drew and I cut out and sewed a mermaid doll.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Tangerine Peel Augury

Today someone brought a bag of tangerines to wonderful crit group.  Gradually little tangerine peel sculptures arranged themselves on the table in front of each tangerine eater.
As I drew them Words popped into my mind and I jotted down a fortune for each person based completely on the configuration of the peel.  A couple of people rearranged their peels while the meeting went on;  so I drew the revised arrangements and did a second, augmenting augury.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quisling Quiz: Who Belongs on this Page?

How great that Vidkun Quisling had a name that so perfectly sounded like the noun that came to mean what Quisling himself actually was- a traitor, a snitch, a puppet of an occupying enemy or would-be occupying enemy.  

Monday, February 13, 2017

Birds Singing Like Crazy

On the East River Trail early this afternoon I rounded a bend and heard a chorus of birdsong  that was as continuous and space-filling as the spring peeper peeping that will soon be filling the night air down in the ditches along the college road.  Hundreds of little black birds!  I quickly sketched in a branchload and then drew two crows that were listening from an adjacent tree.  Down in the chickenyard the big rooster watched while two hens had a fierce fight.  Another hen ignored them while she scratched in the dust.  Up near the crows was what looked like an abandonned squirrel's nest,  and over by a small wetland area stood an old bird hide.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mamas and Babies and Mountains and Nuts

It's one of the tamer pastimes that I can think of, but watching seed pods and nuts shrivel and shrink and plant themselves is soothing in a sort of minor way.
The herd is at the end of the block with a half a dozen babies!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Soon There Will Be Lambies!

Whipping past the white barn on curvy Riceville Road I glanced at a flock of pregnant sheep!
As luck would have it the only paper I had in the car was an old car-related envelope.
But I had one of my magic pens and a few minutes, so I quickly sketched these mamas.
Soon we'll have lambs!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Two Days of Sacchi di Stupidita

Jesse responds to the news yesterday.  I love the Italian expression sacco di stupidita, which means a sack of stupidity.  That pretty much sums up the actions of the repugs and the LoPVotUS these past couple of days.
The best thing about yesterday was the arrival by post of a supply of my favorite pens (9097) from my friend Pia in Barcelona!  For some obscure reason these pens have never been available in the US.  Maybe there's some Kinder Egg -like safety reason???
More reactions from Jesse.
Today I made it down to the chicken yard in the beautiful apricot-colored late afternoon.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to Get Through These Days in Need of Miracles and Wonder

After doing all that he can do, Jesse repairs to his nest, ignores the news, shakes off all residue of tension,
settles in for a luxurious nap.
Not a bad plan.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Eminently More Qualified than Betsy

New babies are appearing in the fields on campus.
Any one of these would be better at heading the Dept. of Education than she who was served up today by the scintillatingly brilliant Vice-Loser-of- the- Popular- Vote otUS.