Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Urban Trail Spring

Seen along the trail that skirts Montford along Broadway:  some kind of wild onion or garlic flower,  a faux honeysuckle that has no smell--
light green maple keys, a wild pea with crimson flowers, miniature maple key-like things, a clover-smelling white flower on a small tree, and another go at that pretty onion or garlic bloom.  There was also a guy on a bike wearing a staff tee shirt from a gym who was yelling obscenities to no one in particular.  I thought he must be on blue tooth but then he stopped a little ahead of me and looked at me and kept yelling. He said "You'd better thank god I'm not talking to you!" And I said , "I do."  He pedaled off and then a guy on foot met up with him and calmed him down and they walked off together.  

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