Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Sheep Named Bell Pepper and Other River Trail News

The east river trail is full of wildflowers and is gearing up for the main event: honeysuckles and roses!
I looped around to the farm to check out the animals.
The steers and a few young cows were much more active than they were a few weeks ago when I drew them in sub-freezing weather.
But the sheep are foundered by their bales of wool!  This sheep could hardly bring her lips down to the grass. I was inside the pasture about ten feet away from the three sheep. Two farm workers walked past and I overheard one of them say, in reference to the black-faced sheep that I drew four times here,"Bell Pepper has been giving me a hard time lately!"  Who can blame here?  When will they shear her?
Here are all three of the wooly sheep, with Bell Pepper in front.

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  1. several of my sheep had food/plant names. the first and most beloved was "raisin". i sheared her when i was 8 months pregnant. i love hearing your sheep doings (and the other bits, too).