Monday, April 25, 2016

On Reaching 7000

Today I direct carved rubber blocks referring to some of last week's cows and steers.  On the right are three proofs, with the best one at the bottom.
A big calf nursing while his mother grooms his rump.
Very much like this frowny curly- headed calf.
And this contented one.
I went out to the woods for the rest of today's drawings, and decided to find something really spectacular for #7000;  but the first thing that grabbed my eye was a small patch of showy Orchis, never seen before on this trail!
I finished up with a tiny white violet and another of the showy orchises.  When I walked into our driveway I spied Jesse lounging in the window of P's study.  A good finish to this little book!


  1. whoop whoop! 7000 is a lOT. i love being along for the walk!

  2. Congratulations, Gwen! This is so wonderful! You will make 10K for sure! ♥