Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Dregs

Sharing counter space with the glorious tulips is a pretty ceramic bowl that holds fruit and sometimes vegetables.  Tonight I had really given up on getting any drawings done for today (that is drawings that I could post;  I spent the day doing drawings for publication that I can't post yet.  They count!) As I stood there sniffing the tulips and telling myself it was way too late to start drawing, I noticed that all the occupants of the so-called fruit bowl were actually complete dregs.  The bowl looks like the bottom of the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator when you finally get to the bottom of it.  So I started doodling around and I give you:  the Dregs.

At top left is a wizened beet, extremely hairy.  Probably someone out there could rescue it and turn it into a nice soup or something, but not me!  I cook only from recipes, and I've never found one that calls for shriveled beets.  Below Mr. Hairy Beet on bottom left is the stalk that used to hold elephant garlic.  And slightly up from it is a dessicated clove of elephant garlic itself.  I don't like this stuff, but P does, and he always buys it but forgets to use it.  I leave it alone to turn brownish and bruised looking, and then we throw it out.

At top right is a lime that feels like a bocce ball, leathery and hard.  It was a promising purchase, destined to be sliced up and put in Maya's fizzy water, but it got lost among the potatoes and oranges, and now it would take a power tool to cut into it.  Just below the former lime is a nice Roma tomato that had a tiny fleck of black that has now grown with alarming swiftness into a festering black dent.  At bottom right is the partner of Mr. Hairy Beet, another hairy but shriveled beet.  This one still has a little of its original festive orange color, but the black stuff from the tomato seems to have spread to it.
We think these are all sufficiently dreggy to go out with the compost tomorrow.

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  1. serious compost, or an ecoprint?! i love your personification of the dregs.