Sunday, February 8, 2015


This one little page doesn't seem to have 20 drawings on it, but the note at the top explains that 12 of the drawings that I did yesterday and today were line illustrations for publication and could not be posted .  I assure you I worked for hours on these things (and not only did I work all day but I have poison ivy that began on my face and has now spread all over, and I am seriously whining).  So in spite of looking like Mrs. Potato Head I ventured out with P and friends last night to a great Korean restaurant for some stone bowl seafood rice, and made the quick drawing of a flat slab of a plate that dumplings were served on before dinner.

Tonight, still itchy and swollen and miserable, I reflected on how the current Jesse-inflicted charlotte carnage in the dead tulip pot expresses very well my state of mental health.  Sneaky winter poison ivy grrrr.

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  1. haven't been over in a while...i hope you're feeling better! p.i. is nasty.