Thursday, February 5, 2015

Puffy Sheep in the Thin WInter Light

M and I went for our weekly walk this morning.  Today our mission was to go down to the college farm and buy some eggs. M is moving to the other side of campus soon, and we're very excited about being able to walk to each others' houses through the farm and the woods and along the river.  It was very breezy and chilly, but on our way home we cut through a small pasture near the farm office.  A few sheep were being pastured in the field, and they were fluffy and puffy and very unshorn.  They also might have been pregnant-- hard to tell under all that wool-- and maybe being kept close to the farm center in case their babies arrived.  They were all sitting down in the grass when we spotted them (3972);  then as we approached them to get a better look, they began to lug themselves to their feet and move around a little.  M is very willing to wait while I draw and doesn't even make me feel like she's being patient and suppressing deep sighs;  so I happily drew these big mamas.  They were pretty much constantly moving, so these are essentially gesture drawings.

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