Sunday, February 22, 2015


On my way to the woods today I stopped by the front garden to see what if anything was still struggling along in spite of the record-breaking cold the past few weeks.  This afternoon the sun was out and the temp was around 50, but more snow and cold are expected later tonight and tomorrow.  Meanwhile, not much is making it in the garden.  Even the hardy lacinato kale looks stone dead.  But the old onions are sending up tentative green shoots, and the new Egyptian walking onions are still green in places.  Many of the new onions had been uprooted by frost heave, so I tucked them deeper into the soil.  My friend who gave them to me said they're from New Hampshire and will make it easily. 

In the woods, the putty root is looking fine.  The mosses are bright and crisp looking.  The rhododendron leaves have relaxed from the pencil-tight furls they were in earlier this week.  Nothing else is doing much.  I smelled bear funk twice on the high trails. 


  1. oh, the bears might be funky...bear in mind caution! i don't know putty root, but somehow it sounds familiar...

  2. Putty root has a sticky tuberous root that early people used to mend pottery; hence the name. Very odd plant!