Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mixed Bag

 I really didn't know what to title this post.   The three portraits are from my book club meeting this evening,  but then so were the mish-mash of drawings on the next page.  I didn't count these as individual drawings because they were all sort of one stream of consciousness doodle done while I was really thinking about the discussion.
 On the left is a tangerine that someone was getting ready to eat, someone's lovely necklace, an apple core, and the tangerine's skin after it was peeled.  At the bottom right was the beginning of a shoe drawing, but the shoe was moved completely and never returned to its original position.
 After the meeting I felt like I needed some more drawing, this time a bit more focused.  So I scooped three lemons out of the fridge and did contour drawings of them twice.
I'm not really happy with the paper in this little journal.  I used up some paper left over from a project when I made the journal, and it was a poor choice.  Insufficiently sized, it bleeds through sometimes, and the surface is never predictable.  Even my super fine point V-ball catches and blots from time to time.  I'm also finding the size a little too small!  I used to love this tiny size, but maybe it's the combination of unpredictable paper surface and tiny size that make me race through this book so that I can get back to the size I'm more comfortable with these days and a paper that lets me control my lines more.  Of course this is a good opportunity to let go of some control, so I'm trying to practice being slightly uncomfortable with drawing, very interesting!


  1. You go! You inspire me! Taking my sketch book to my DH's surgery for melanoma next week. Gotta be something there to sketch! ;) Thanks for your posts! They really do inspire! ♥