Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIfferent but Still Local Fauna and Flora

 Sweet pot of blooming grape hyacinths that I had forgotten all about.  Winter before last our son M and his wife A sent us potted bulbs for several months during the cold season.  When they would finish blooming I would always put them out in the back patio area in hopes that they would come back.  I glanced out there the other day and saw the little violet blooms peeking out of what looked like a pot full of wild chives.  My favorites-- grape hyacinths!
 We hiked the fabulous River Trail late this afternoon.  Each day there are more and more plants unfurling.  Today we especially noticed Solomon's Seal, not sure yet if they are false or true, but in either case they unfurl so beautifully.  In the center is a May apple that had its bloom bud showing.  And as we were admiring the profusion of trout lilies and Solomon's Seal and May apples, a pair of mallard ducks were in the river that runs alongside the trail.
Back at home we came upon Jesse earnestly grooming his paw after a busy day outside.

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