Monday, April 7, 2014

Colony of Strange Stone People Near the River

Michelle, my friend who first found the hut, emailed me this morning with an alert that there was something great on the River Trail.  Sadly, it was pounding rain and chilly, and I decided to wait for another day to go searching.  But by 4:00 this afternoon the rain had slowed to an intermittent drizzle, and off I went.

 I hadn't been on the RT since last fall, but it's my favorite place to look for anthropomorphic trees.  I wore my high rubber rain boots so I was able to stomp in puddles.  I stomped for around 20 minutes before I spotted the something:  a whole colony of stone people, some standing at the edge of the river, others further back in the brush
 and small trees.  These are not ordinary cairns.  They are amazingly human in form and expression.  Some of them are wearing stone clothes and hats. 

I imagine these were made by art students, sculpture students probably.  They are so exquisitely balanced and situated.

Some are together as if they were in conversation.  None are cute.  They all look ancient, perfect.  Thank you, whoever did this!


  1. they sometimes appear around here too but not as aged and craggy as these wonderful ones, ours are more rounded and water worn.

  2. Wow, what a treasure!! I truly love how you capture all of this in your journals. Always amazed.