Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Flotilla of Turkeys and Another Trek

We all complain about the wild turkeys that roam around here destroying gardens as they go, but you have to admire their parallel world and apparent indifference to the human world that they slide past.  This morning I glanced outside just as a flotilla of them was gliding down the street.  Most of the birds were hens, and the hens were ignoring the two toms, who were parading in full display.   Jesse watched from the window for a few  minutes and then demanded to be let outside.  Sometimes he tries to chase the turkeys, but they generally ignore him along with the toms.  This morning he just sat on the sidelines and watched the passing show.
 Maya spent the day and night with us today due to spring break.  One thing we did was take a hike to find the hut this afternoon-- my first solo attempt since Michelle showed me how to find it.  It was a perfect day for it-- warm and mostly sunny with not many bugs.  Maya is a good hiking companion who is adventuresome and careful at the same time.  We found early bloodroot flowers and even a few may apples beginning to unfurl.  But the best find was the many trout lilies that are at their peak right now in the shady, damp places along the river.
 I was really hoping to be able to find the shelter without dragging Maya up Tony's driveway to the north or swinging so far south that we landed on the brambly slope that leads to the Charlie's Spring Trail.  I brought all the maps I've drawn of the area.  I drew more maps today, and this time I included steps that I got from a pedometer app between each feature along the way.
Maya was just beginning to hit me with a chorus of are we there yets when I spied the tree that lies across the gulley and signals the proximity of the shelter!  We left the gulley and turned left up the slope and bingo!  there it was!  We sat around marveling that we had actually found it by ourselves; and then we were able to pick our way down the slope to the chimney and the trail very quickly and without incident of any kind.  I took a picture of Maya in front of the hut, but I can't seem to get it off of my phone.  Maybe it will have uploaded by tomorrow.

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