Monday, February 3, 2014

Early Spring?

As unlikely as it seems after last week's below zero mornings, today we found hyacinths and daffodils as well as daylilies peeking out from under some dead leaves in the garden.  Jesse plopped down on a paving stone in the afternoon sun and watched the neighborhood.  He leaned on his elbow and shifted occasionally.  I drew him twice, then drew some of the little green bulb bloom shoots.  Then J came with me to walk along the hills behind the house and survey the fields, which have been bleached to lightest yellow ochre.  The hedgerows are dark, almost black, and the cows are browsing for food in the straw-like grass and corn stubble.

There's that one dark tree-- I think it's a giant holly tree-- sitting in the middle of Dogwood across from the sheep.  I can see it from the hills behind our house if I walk a bit downhill and to the left.  Love those criss- cross hedgerow patterns!


  1. I enjoy your drawings and sketches very much and I love to hear news about Jesse....