Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day-- Signing Off for Two Weeks

I went walking at 5:30 this evening to see what I could see of the aftermath of our Big Storm.  At top left was a most encouraging mini pink sky sunset-- our of the gunmetal gray of the sky, a soft pink started to spread while I was walking down the street;  the whiteness and sepia and blackness everywhere turned slightly pinkish, and I knew that tomorrow will bring a thaw.  I always trust Red sky at night, sailors delight!

At the bottom left is a snow hut that our neighbors' son built in front of two trees in their yard.  It's big enough for a couple of people to sit inside.  The light from the sunset turned the snow pink like a seashell.

I was especially interested to see if the cows were still out in the field below our street and how they were faring.  They seemed fine even though they were out in the middle of the field, no longer needing to huddle in the lee of the bank below the road.  The farm crew had dragged a flat bed with some hay bales out to them.  A couple of bales were on the ground and one was on the trailer, and straw was scattered in a couple of islands in the snow.  The mommas and babies were chomping on the hay, and a few were lying down on an island of straw.  One big cow was leaving the group and heading across the broad white plain.

We're leaving for two weeks day-after-tomorrow, and I will keep drawing, but I may not post very often.  If I can find a scanner to use I'll post, but pictures of drawings taken with my phone aren't usually worth much.  So I'll do a giant catch-up post for sure in early March.

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