Monday, September 25, 2017

White Road/Strada Bianca/White Road

Our dear friend in Italia asked P if he would write a poem for her to use on her agriturismo web page.  So P reworked a poem he had written one summer in Italy about a place that was very near our rented house and that evoked the feeling of a very particular late summer afternoon there.

Be sure to enlarge these white lines in order to read the poem, which appears in the top line in English as P wrote it-

then in our friend's translation into lovely Italian in the middle line.

In the third line you'll find my literal translation of the Italisn version back into English.

I am fascinated by the slight shifts that inevitably creep into translation.

I decided to make a large accordion folded book with relief prints stamped over monotype backgrounds.

The white road itself is a strip of absorbent ground into which I incised the three poems using a mechanical pencil when the ground was still soft.

The cover is an encrustation of local clay and acrylic medium with a piece of mica covering a print,

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  1. The poem and book are wonderful. Thanks for reminding me of a trip to Tuscany in 2010.