Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Catch-Up from NOLA Celebration Trip

P and I and two of my bros and their wives from Colorado and Mississippi converged in New Orleans with cousins this weekend-plus-Monday to help celebrate our beloved aunt's 100th birthday with her.  Above and below are my usual airport sketches.

We had the great fun of staying in an airbnb two houses away from the house we lived in the year P and I and M and D moved to NO for P to finish his engineering degree.  This wonderful old neighborhood was the one I grew up in, near City Park and the bayou.  E was born there.

We made a beeline for our favorite coffee shop, the Fair Grinds.  The colors in this tiny place are almost the best thing about it!

On Sunday after the Fair Grinds we strolled around our old haunts, the exotic tropical plants everywhere, horsetails blooming merrily around a garbage can.  After Sunday afternoon's party we went out to the lake front for a little party before dinner and after the big party.  Since my bros and their families and my cousin  live far away from us we used every minute to hang out-  dinners every night, river front walking Monday night, etc.

Not a sketch, but my favorite picture of my aunt and her friend at the party.  

Monday morning P and I walked around the old neighborhood some more, this time to the NOMA sculpture garden and the old Casino, which is now a Morning Call in City Park.

Around 10:00, when the heat and humidity drove us inside, we went to the French Quarter with my cousin D and went to the voudou museum, where I overheard two guys making a prayer following the directions on the right in front of a prayer stump.  One asked the other:  What did you wish for?  The other said : Impeachment!

More at the voudou museum.

Sadly , we had to come home yesterday morning.  I loved looking down at barges and ships on the Mississippi.  

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  1. Happy 100th birthday to your aunt. Thank you for sharing your journal pages.