Saturday, June 10, 2017


Jacob graduated from high school tonight!  Here he is on the right drawn from up in the bleachers while he was listening to one of the speeches.
Here are some great backs of heads drawn while we waited for over sn hour for the ceremony to begin.  I drew on my program because I had left my sketchbook back at Jacob's, where we spent most of the day.
Another back.
On the left and center are two sketches of Jacob's dad, whos moved constantly and who looks nothing like the drawings.  The odd black bird is a giant turkey vulture standing in a grassy field drying her wings.  This is a drawing from yesterday.
Three sketches of Kate and one of Pad Thai sleeping in his cat tower..  I am going to slow down drawing now so that Ivreach 10,000 on Friday, four years to the day of starting.

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