Saturday, June 3, 2017

Chicken Checkup

Three chicken tractors, one on wheels for easy moving from place to place, one that needs a fork lift to scoot it around, and one temporary shelter made from hoops of pvc covered with chicken wire covered with a blue tarp.  The young blacks on the left were in the yard near the temporary shelter and were very subdued this morning.
The older blacks were loud and rowdy over near the permanent house.  The rooster especially was annoyingly raucous and blustery.  The stinging nettle plant to the left gave me a tingly burn on my flip-flop-clad left foot as I headed off the chicken trail back to the river trail.  Nettle is delicious and very nutritious,  but you need to steam it and then stuff ravioli with it or scramble it into eggs. Also makes a fine infusion.  A few weeks ago I saw some students gathering it very carefully from near the chickens.  Like all the rest of the plants around here this spring,  the nettle is flourishing.

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