Friday, June 16, 2017


It felt right to walk down the east river trail like any old day and see what I could see.  A sow was in a grassy pasture with around 20 piglets; a hen scratched the dirt and pecked.  And suddenly there were five digets in the count, as quiet and unexpectedly unremarkable as traveling across a border on a night train.
But really, how could I resist the mama finally breaking free of the piglets and grabbing a little rest in the mud pond?
And the wooly lambs are getting close to growing up.  As Shiko Munakato says:  The mind goes and the tool walks alone.

So I will take a little vacation from posting,  but I'll be back in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for all your heartening encouragement and cheer-leading these past four years!  I can't stop drawing, and numbering is interesting.  Tonight a good friend gave me a party, and I spread out all 44 books for people to look through.  Now I want to sit with them and see which seeds they contain, which directions they point to.


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you! Well done, my friend! 🎉💚😘

  2. this is quite a fine thing, do review and revive, and if we are lucky we will see more from you.

  3. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. You have certainly shown me your perseverance. I can't imagine such a voyage. I have thoroughly enjoyed every stroke of your pen. It has been inspiring. Enjoy your vacation.