Thursday, April 6, 2017

New Shoes/Old Shoes

First the new shoes-- two pairs of Keens, one denim blue and the other cadmium red.  I wanted the reds, but I thought I would get tired of red shoes day after day; and since they were 20% off, and since they're the exact shoes ( but in different colors) as the tan Keens I've worn and loved all year until the inner soles are ripped and ruined, I decided to get both and trade them off and on and have them for two years.  They are spectacularly comfortable for hiking and driving and doing everything else.  I can also slide them off and on and wear them with or without socks,and they're wonderfully light for traveling.
The old shoes are Erik's tiny size 2 baby tennis shoes.  I remember getting home from walking him in the backpack and one shoe would be gone, and I'd have to retrace our path to find the shoe.  These must be 40 years old and were in the cedar chest with a couple of other baby things.

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