Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Victorious Over Death Crackers and Other Wonders

If you're searching in vain for a good recipe for Life Victorious Over Death crackers, look no further.  Above is my friend K's recipe, given to her by her friend S.  I deeply love the name of these crackers:  it reminds me of my childhood neighbor's description of someone who looked sickish: " He looks like death warmed over reaching for a cracker". ( Is this an old New Orleans thing to say?)
Here is a small pile of the crackers, along with three buttons from K's button collection.  The designs on the crackers are pressed in using the press shown in 9624.
And also shown in 9626.  The roller is to cut the cracker dough apart after stamping it.
When we got home I slogged down to the trail in the icy rain to check on the orchid buds.  They have grown around 3/4" since yesterday!  Very quick sketches, splotched with rain drops.

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