Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Wind-Up Easter Toys

One of our family traditions when the children were young was to collect little mechanical wind-up toys.  I started finding Easter chicks and bunnies in the grocery store, and I would buy a new one or two every year for a few years at Easter time.
This one (9020) used to have pink plastic ears.  Amazingly I still have a couple of the keys, and they all still hop and peck and gyrate.
The year David was 11 or 12 he went to visit my parents in New Orleans by himself and came home with 9021 and its identical mate-- ceramic salt and pepper shakers that I had bought for my mom as a birthday present at Sutton's Fairyland on Canal Street, when I was  about his age and first venturing out alone on streetcars and buses.  She had given the salt and pepper chickens to David, and he gave them (back) to me as a present. 


  1. i, too have a thing for wind-ups. my favorite was one that had sparks coming out of the mouth--nunzilla, a short, stout nun with attitude. she scared the kids and the dog.