Sunday, January 22, 2017

Details from the March

These drawings are of tiny moments during the March in DC as well as during the 8 hour overnight bus trips to and from.  Anove is M waiting in line about a half mile from the entrance to the Metro that would take us into DC from our bus garage.  She is one of a line of people slowly moving toward the entrance, wearing her pussyhat and sign made by A.
Another done diring the two-hour wait to get into the Metro station.  This is Maya with her hat on and hair obscuring her face.  She's wearing her Linda Larsen Nasty Lady face banner in front.
At top the only real action drawing done during the actual March:  fog-veiled Washington Monument in a sea of people as far as I could see, overcast and chilly, spirits high!

At the bottom is A while we were talking through the bus seats waiting to leave for home.
Bus -sleeping when the air in the back of the bus where we were was nose-numbingly cold.

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