Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Outdoor Fewtrils and the Correct Definition

First the definition, almost correctly puzzled out by Mary and Rachel and Velma (with Lisa doing a good job of identifying the fewtrils themselves ):  a fewtril is a trifling thing with little or no value.(OED Shorter)
But-- this morning I was noticing outdoor fewtrils as I clomped down the hill behind my house.  I first saw a cow flop and thought that was surely a fewtril, but then I remembered collecting cow manure from this very field to put on my garden and also to make paper from.  I picked up an empty black walnut husk, gooey and black and worthless to me;  but then I remembered collecting these things to make walnut ink.  The jimson weed pods were surely of no value, but in a way  even they have worth as seed holders to continue that species.  And so on.  So I concluded that fewtrilhood is a relative state.  


  1. I like the introduction of a new word in my vocabulary. Fewtril, I have quite a bit of that here and there.

  2. yep!
    using the trumpometer, they don't even exist!