Friday, December 23, 2016

Time to Re-Subscribe to the Onion

There was a time early in the long, tedious reign of George the Lesser when we stopped listening to and reading the news and instead read the Onion for our news.  I think I've reached that point now.  Tonight when I heard that the drumpian pretender to the leadership of the so-called free world had chosen the medium of tweeting to publicize his exhortation that we should amp up our nuclear weapons supply, I felt like all of the above faces.
As I listened to yet more outrageousness my mood shifted to more of an eye-rolling scorn and I switched to drawing the above-- a clay mask, a Mayan guy, and my favorite little moon sailing across the deep blue dome of a small chuch in Chiusi, Italy, rolling her eyes and curling her lip at the lunacy below.

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