Friday, December 30, 2016

Catch-up, Sibling Reunion

On the road, grabbing lunch somewhere in Georgia a.  Interesting hair at the salad bar.  Why the flags stuck in sandwiches?
This reunion is the most fun ever.  Today we're talking constantly and laughing a lot while walking around a big estate/park/museum-like place where G and S got married two years ago.  Odd artifacts including a glass case of cotton bolls.
In an upstairs hall a tiny treadle sewing machine.
Hours later. so many of us play musical instruments or/and draw.  Tonight P and D and S and F are playing while D and I sketch and E, D, G, and B and P sing and talk.

During the days we go on adventures in and near Milledgeville.  Here is St. Stephen in his church where an icon writer has done beautiful icons and where horses were stabled during Sherman's sweep of this area.  At night we have wonderful meals and sit around the table for hours playing hilarious word games.  Here's the King Cake that D and G made!  E got the baby, so we meet at her and F's house next year.
Last night after Mad Libs D brought out his lute and played so wonderfully.

One day we went to a very old cemetery and saw this haunted tomb. P told us to knock on the tomb and ask "Mr. Fish, what's going on in there?", which we did. I heard an odd rustling and so did D--- 
Nearby was a tiny sexton's cottage, with a single small window and the remnants of a narrow chimney.  The lovely sloping bag of coffee beans was in our favorite cookie/coffee shop downtown.
On the road home, people in a SC restaurant.  We are so sad to leave Milledgeville and everyone.  Here is a group picture and as a special treat the lantern F and E brought and lit as it rises over the lake behind our house. 


  1. Happy New Year. It is good that you had this time with friends.

  2. lovely family reflection...i could feel the energy!