Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Extremely Fast Bakery Challenge and a Fire

The line was very long at City Bakery today, but the bread cabinet was full!  I scrawled these out while standing on line.  The woman behind me gave me a strange look when I turned around after giving my order.
Yeaterday I spent a lot of time drawing flames from medieval woodcuts showing hell and stake burnings.  I need to make a small rubber print of a fire for a book I'm working on.  So above is one drawing.
And another, which I have ended up using.
Above is the graphite transfer onto a scrap of rubber, and below are the inked block and some proofs.




  1. Gwen, your flames are going to work really well on your book.

  2. seeing these flames and the jesuses above has me wondering what's up?!

    1. I wonder too! Working on an artist's book about the tower card and our political scene. Will post pic soon