Saturday, July 30, 2016


Two of today's drawings are monotypes that I finger and rag and stick drew into rolled out etching ink after the drawing of the post-4th of July people from, well, July 4.  This group of three semi-costumed people at a pizza restaurant has haunted me all month.  And then my friend L gave me a poem she was working on, and I knew we needed to put her poem and my drawing together in a broadside.  She had not seen my drawing, but her poem "night visitors" gives the drawing a whole new direction, and the two are greater than the sum of their parts I feel.
Here's another version, and below is the zinc plate with a ghost image after being printed.
Ultimately I plan to translate the monotypes into a woodcut, and we'll use letterpress for the poem.
Rounding out today's drawings are Jesse next to a puddle in the driveway and the first Indian pipes of the year on Jones Mountain after the rain this afternoon.

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