Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Odd and Unexpected

Last night at an old and out-of-the-way  pizza restaurant that we went to because nothing else was open:  this threesome in festive 4th of July costumes.  At center top:  two unusual seed pods in the college native plant cultivation shed;  these were dry and empty, looked like speckled porcelain miniature calla lilies, if you can imagine that.
The enormous hawk landed on a tree in F's garden this morning while we were working.  The goldfinch is from the college garden but put there for size comparison.  At top right:  a completely unexpected trail-blocking puddle, hours after an unexpected downpour at early afternoon.
This tree door appeared on the east river trail a few weeks ago, and thegiant dung   beetle scurried almost across my foot   as I was drawing the tiny door.

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