Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good Sign?

M and I on the west river trail early-ish this morning, setting out in the only warm fog I've ever encountered.  We saw a pair of greenish five-pound hand weights on the side of the trail-- I imagined someone trying to run with them and dumping them in despair; ( and then along came a woman who bent down and picked them up and said she dropped them on the way and was now picking them up)-- small fungi growing in the cracks of the bark of a rotting log;  a slender snake with a bright orange neck ring (turned out to be a northern ringneck) on the path right in front of us; and then a crowd of fly-bothered cows in a muddy corner of the Muster Field, several maybe cooling off by lying in the puddles.  
And tonight P and I spotted a fat black snake on the stepping stones below the back porch.  Two nice snakes in one day!  Rebirth and renewal, creativity and transformation, says Wikipedia.

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  1. Oh my!, you did see a lot to draw on your trip...lovely page of drawings :)