Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Night Games/Wide

Tonight's drawing isn't a drawing but the finished print that I've been working on and that has grown out of all the charlotte drawings and prints. The charlottes in their dark place remind me of playing delicious slightly scary wide games after dark in my New Orleans childhood neighborhood far from the grownups and deep into the night in the happy days before safety and excess supervision and adult intervention in the jungle of childhood. Each in our own little world, brushing up against each other in the dark, whispering, holding onto secrets, trying to figure out our places.

 I printed 21 copies of the edition of 40, 12 for a portfolio exchange, and the rest to have, to trade, to give away, to sell, to keep in an overstuffed flat file--  Anyway, my intention was to post this from my phone, impossible.  Tomorrow we leave for two weeks in the New York area and in New Hampshire.  I'll be drawing but probably not posting, unless I can figure out a way to do this blog from my phone.  So far no luck.  But look for a giant catch-up post in a couple of weeks!


  1. Holy Moly! This print is fabulous! Brava Gwen.

    1. Thanks, Pat! See you Thurs at 10 at Kabooz!

  2. happy and safe traveling. it's lovely, lush and a bit cool this summer here in the northeast.