Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jesse, a Bride and Groom, and Artifacts

Last night I managed to do a few gesture drawings of Jesse but I never got around to posting them.  They are just lazy sketches, and of course he was in more or less constant motion.  These first two happened while he was staring out into the firefly-dense woods from our back porch.  The little daylily bud was in a vase on the table nearby.

Same scenario, only more motion, including a down dog stretch.  And a final drawing to close out the pretty little blue journal.

 Tonight I grabbed a handful of things from a shelf in my studio.  The one above on the left is an arrowhead that a friend in Indiana found in his backyard and gave to me many years ago.  It's around 3 inches from tip to tip, unknown date.  The little stone knife to the right my son David picked up from a newly-plowed field near the archaeological site on campus a bunch of years ago.  I brought it to the archaeologist the next day and he said since it was out of context we could keep it.  He estimated its age as being perhaps 3-4000 years old.  Astonishing!
These two would make a good bride and groom on a wedding cake I think, better than the usual simpering couple!  The guy is from a building set from long ago.  He has Lego-like hands but P said he is NOT from a Lego set,  and he would know.  He doesn't have a nose but he is manly with his whiskers and cap.  The Minoan snake goddess replica is from the New Orleans Museum of Art gift shop and is a favorite of mine.  The crinoid at the right we found at Lake Michigan.

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  1. catching up over here, i see you completed the beautiful journal!