Monday, August 28, 2017

Report from An Edge, Unedited

The airport at 6:15 in the morning: sleepy. This woman seems to sum up the low key ambience.  I've decided to just photograph each page as it is, see if my haphazard journal-keeping can convey anything about this really wonderful -in -every- way vacation.

Drawing from the window of the plane is exceptionally fine this time.  The high contrast of sunrise helps me see with great clarity with no glasses.

As always when arriving in Maplewood on a school and work  day we head immediately  to the little downtown area for lunch, bookstore, snack at Able Baker.

This trip is in three parts: two days in Maplewood, then a week in Nova Scotia with the NH Diehns, then back to Maplewood for a final week.  On Day 2 we go with E to the well-kept- secret Newark Museum.  Fascinating (at least to me) parka made of translucent whale stomach and seal intestines.  

On the left a Barbara Chase-Ribaud piece, large, heavy black ropey material and rubbery top part, "Legacy of Malcolm X."

On Saturday we fly to Montreal and then on to Halifax.  Plane to Montreal delayed two hours.  Airport challenges ensue.

This mysterious-looking page includes the calculations that T and I make on the way to the airbnb in River John from Halifax.  Crazed from airport adventures and lack of sleep, we amuse ourselves in the back of the van by figuring out the first part of the Maze puzzle book, which T has brought along.
Day 1 in River John we find a stony empty windy lovely besch to play on, wander around the watery neighborhood, make a second trip to the beach, find a grocery store, explore our fantastic 1899 house. B throws a bull's eye on the dart board in the rec room.
More of the immediate area. We love this  uncrowded big-horizon watery place!

The beach at sunset.  Where is everybody else?  We are collecting and skipping stones and climbing all over rocks!  (More Maze calculations)

Day 2 we head up to Cape Breton where we find another gorgeous deserted beach at Judeque.  This one is accessed by a pretty flowery path that has somewhat eerie old buoy floats hanging in trees as blazes.  Bright sun snd cool breezes today, perfection.

Tomorrow:  Days 3 and onward!

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