Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Catch-Up Vacation Report 3

Rosie and the kids-- constant motion-- back in Maplewood for a week.
Beautiful vegetables at the farmers' market with Kerstin.  Background is poured diluted acrylic.

On Monday we all went to the park for eclipse viewing!  And here's Abby drawing and telling me about her very recent licking match with her brother.  She drew the brown bird too.

A scene from out in front of Able Baker on the left and skylines sketched on the ferry going across the Hudson to get to the city the circuitous way with Penn Station out of commission for NJT.

Sketching with Nate in the Egyptian section of the Met.  We both love sharwabties.
Some more from the Met, and a page from Monday's eclipse sketches based on comparing pinhole images vs direct viewing thru eclipse glasses.

Backyard fence and gate sketch on the left and Nate's schematic on the right.

It doesn't sound like fun, but Nate and I had a hilarious time organizing his bazillion things into categories for the bins in his bedroom.  This spread illustrates our favorite category:  Angry Scotsmen (objects with no real use but which he is not ready to part with for some unknown reason, such as the Angry Scotsmen mints tin that is empty and can't even be opened, but yet----).

On Saturday we all went walking through a beautiful woods that had  fairy houses in secret places all along the trail.  Abby especially loved the houses and told me which ones to draw.

More fairy houses

Abby's mousie doll with tiny rasta cap I crocheted for her using a crochet hook that Erik fashioned for me out of a wire.  On the right Nate working on his Yetti.

Sadly, we are back in the airport on our way home.  Loved this vacation so much!

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