Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lambs Revisited Plus Manicurist's Things

I decided to draw some of the 10,000 things that I have not drawn yet.  I was waiting for a haircut and sitting adjacent to a manicure station.  Several of these objects were new to me, as I've never had a manicure by a manicurist.  I'm completely guessing about the little bake oven-like thing at top left.
Later P and I visited the sad orchids.  All but two blooms are dried up, thanks to the work of the black beetles.  I drew one of the two better ones at the right above.  To cheer up we then went over to the farm and visited the wooly lambs, who are thriving and eating grass non-stop.
There is one lamb that was snuggled down in a pile of straw while everyone else ate.  The mamas are more or less ignoring the lambs, walking away whenever one tries to nurse.  Spring is smelling wonderful and the grasses in the pastures are knee high.

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