Friday, November 11, 2016

Electoral College for Chickens: a Tutorial

Above are the seven districts of the chicken yard. The farmer wanted to let the chickens vote on which color of corn kernels they would prefer to eat.  On the chart each chicken's color represents her or his choice.
Above are the tallies of the election. ( The farmer had decided that it would be fairer to have electors vote according to how the majority of the chickens in each district voted. Each small --1-5--district was given one elector and each large --6-10-- district was given two electors. ). 

What an interesting system!  The white-preferring chickens numbered 15 and the black-preferring totaled 11.  But the black-preferring chickens won 5 electoral votes while the white-preferring chickens garnered only 4 electoral votes.  So the black -preferring chickens won, of course, even though more chickens actually voted white.  Why are those white chickens such poor losers?!
Nate and Abby and their parents are visiting!
Here are Abby's feet, colored by Abby.
And Abby's Mom and Abby, also colored by Abby!  Plus a brown thing by Abby.

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