Sunday, November 6, 2016

Big Catch Up Post

During this week away from Facebook I also took a break from blogging.  Here are drawings from Halloween forward.  Jesse is still unperturbed by the so-called politics of this so-called election.
But at Trader Joe's costumes were plentiful, and mostly on adults.
I picked the dry scarlet runner pods.  8997 shows their drought coping strategy:  many pods had tiny, dried out immature beans alongside a few plump normal ones.
Even the large beans were in some pods a bit shriveled.  On the right are details of a Scotch broom hand broom that F and I made for patio and porch sweeping out of trimmings from her  ginestra plant.
Acorns sprouting, and one eaten by something so not sprouting.
Veve from an anthropology book I'm reading about Haitian Voudoun.  And on the right high school hair.
More high school hair drawn while waiting for Jacob's National High School Science Honor Society initiation to begin.
On the right a little treasure bag prototype for kids.
More views of the treasure bag, which we are introducing at the FDNSC holiday fair, bag made from a Trader Joe bag.
Although I tried to stay away from politics this week, I had signed up to work for Dems as a poll greeter a couple of days this week.  I could not resist drawing these Women for Trump women.  Sad and puzzling.  Sort of like Women for the Salem Witch Hunts.
Waiting in my car for Jacob after school - drew buttons from my button flowers that are twined to my rear view mirror.
Yesterday at Urban Sketchers hike near the Folk Art Center in the woods along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  J came along to photograph and I drew.  He found the assassin bug!

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