Thursday, October 13, 2016

Badly Drawn Cars

I am really bad at drawing cars.  I sound to myself like a beginner student who says 'I can't draw faces/people/cylinders, ' and so I tell myself 'Draw a hundred cars and you'll be good at drawing them.'
The thought of two weeks of drawing cars makes me feel hopeless and dismal, but it might be an interesting practice within The Practice.  Nate came home from forst grade one day while I was visiting and told me the way to draw things is to look for basic shapes. Excellent advice.  So above are three wedges, a rectangle, and a truncated wedge.  The top drawings I did in the car line while we were all moving.  I actually like the top left wedge (8372), done in about thirty seconds while it was moving and my car was also rolling a bit.

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