Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Sightings

Yesterday while helping people register to vote I spotted this lovely old door.  It was leaning against a front porch wall.  The two narrow panels were made of weathered wood with small arrowpoint -like pieces of perhaps oyster shells hammered into slits.  I know nothing about the door, but it looked old and African, and I want one.
Today at a party at our friends' place these things begged to be drawn:  fresh ginger root, a tiny ceramic bowl, a cinquepin nut, hull, and leaf.
Twining around the railing of the porch where we were eating was a moonflower vine full of buds.  The buds were purple and green , with a cream-colored spent blossom.
On top of the birthday pie was a whirling singing lotus blossom of a candle.  The box it came in said Rainbow Colored Musical Birthday Exciting Candle-- and it was!  We had to dismantle it to get it to stop playing the birthday song---
I'm out of blank pages, so I drew right over some penciled numbers.  This is B playing his fiddle.
B, P, and D playing music, only their instruments aren't in the picture:  B on fiddle, P on mandolin, and D on dulcimer.  Fun!

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