Sunday, September 4, 2016

Not As Much Fun As Plow Day, But ---

We have a screened back porch that we live on in spring, summer, and fall.  This summer's liquid air left behind odd blotches on the screens that turned out to be gunky black mold.  P and I devised an arduous-sounding plan that involved propping the 18 foot extension ladder against the roof overhang (the porch is on the second story in the backyard) and fitting an eccentric drill bit into each of the bazillion screws and removing all five of the 10x5foot screens that needed cleaning.

The prospect of this daunting job got me thinking in a more Occam's Razor-like way.  I fiddled around with some Method bathroom spray and some Windex and a brush.  After a few experiments I realized all we needed to do was spray the mold spots, no brush required.  Windex and Method each worked perfectly.  It took only one hand to do the job, so I talked on the phone to my oldest best friend from high school, and after our two hour conversation I had four empty bottles and five clean screens, and no need to put them back up because I never had to take them down.  What is done with fewer is done in vain with more---

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