Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Marrow Spoons and Other Wonders

Tonight we went down to the River Arts district to cash in a gift certificate for dinner at the Bull and Beggar.  We arrived early enough to walk down to the river while waiting, and I drew this fine old brick chimney.  The river there with the sun setting behind trees reminded me, in a a very pale local way, of the Fly in New Orleans (minus of course the stately elephant parade of barges that makes the real Fly unique and irreplaceable ).
We sat upstairs overlooking the main dining area and on eye level with a fabulous medieval-castle-like chandelier.
We both ordered filets with marrow bones. The presentation included the bone itself looking like a vase, with some green onion leaves and a beautiful little spoonish implement that turned out to be a marrow spoon, hand made by a metalsmith who used to work nearby.  Next time you come to Aville you need to eat at this place!