Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Finally Catching Up: 1

We decided to take the sleeper train to NJ this time, assuming the winter weather might be less of an issue for the train than it is for a plane. These first drawings are, therefore pre-trip drawings, made in Greenville where we had to go in order to catch the train.  At the top we were in a restaurant near the station, and below at the station where we waited till 11:40 for the train.  Note the tiny attack dachshund in the lap of the woman in the wheel chair.
At Newark Penn station waiting for K to pick us up these birds were gathered in the top of a low juniper bush.  I had brought Abby some solid tempera paint sticks, and she asked me to draw her while she proceeded to fill almost every page of the sketchbook I had brought her.
On Tuesday P and I went to meet some friends at the Met and I had the extreme fun of drawing Egyptian artifacts, including a wooden paint pallette that had ancient Egyptian paints still in it.
More artifacts. Especially liked the roughly-modelled cow, which had a woven armature plastered over with clay. Very homemade looking.  Tomorrow: some themes begin to emerge!

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