Thursday, February 4, 2016

Animals in the Rain, One Cow Grooming Herself

First up is Jesse sitting on our back porch looking forlornly out at the rain.

Next are a bunch of cows sitting in puddles in a little pasture down on the farm. I was anout two feet away from them and no one seemed to care as I stood there sketching them.  Why were they all sitting down??
After the cows I moved on to the big wooly sheep, and all of them were sitting in the wet grass. The rain had slowed down to a drizzle, and no one seemed in any way perturbed.
So today I carved these little rubber blocks from yesterday's sketches.  These three were in lovely leisurely positions. Here is my favorite, the grooming cow:


  1. Lovely sketches and the rubber blocks have come out perfect.

  2. These are exceptional! (The entire post)