Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Forced March, a New Bag, at Screen Door

This is a catch up post from the past few days of visiting middle schoolers. On Friday T and I went to Screen Door in search of an antique chess game. While T was on this grail quest I sketched in a booth that had many assemblages made of old things: hands! Peely metal animals! Fun!
Yesterday was bitterly cold and everyone wanted to sleep in, then huddle around the fire working on projects: T was cleaning and refurbishing the chess set he had found; M and I were trying to figure out a knitting problem; M was decorating some school folders; T and I were designing and making a new book bag for him; P and T were playing chess. Later in the still-cold afternoon I talked T and M into getting warmgear on   and going down the frozen river trail to the farm. We ended up enjoying ourselves, really, and visiting some cows.
On the right and below is T's new book bag.

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