Saturday, September 5, 2015

More Difficult to Draw Than Hands: Jesse's Jack

Jesse's favorite toy these days is a kind of poisonous  blue rubbery plastic jack, a little larger than a metal jack.  The other day Neenah commented that hands are hard to draw.  Well, to me, this jack is harder to draw than a hand! I thought it would get easier and snap into good proportions if I drew it over and over.  It didn't.  Maybe I need to add some more dark colors to the darker blue shadowy parts.  I've stepped on the thing a million times.  Jesse never seems to get tired of throwing it up into the air and batting it around.  Sometimes he carries it in his lips into another room and hides it from himself under a chair, then pounces.


  1. Well! I thought you had posted photos of the actual jacks, and was looking for the drawings. It took me a while to realise these WERE the drawings! Lovely.