Friday, June 3, 2016

Sad Day in Sinus Hell, Plus Yearning for the Sinus Bakery

The little cold that K and I shared last week morphed into a sinus infection while I was flying home.  I've been more or less miserable all week and wondering  why I was so wiped out and achy.  Today I dug out our ancient thermometer and discovered I have fever.  

When I was a kid and when I had kids, fever was the big divide between the truly sick and the malingerer.  My Mom's rule: with fever you stayed in bed and even after the fever broke you still stayed in bed an extra day.  

So today's sad drawings are from my bed and include the thermometer, the Kleenex box, one of the millions of used kleenexes, a banana, some frozen blueberries, the nasty but effective tincture from the acupuncture clinic with its dropper and my Dad's old sherry glass with tinture in it, a giant bottle of water, a tub of white miso for soup.  

What I really yearn for is to be in New Orleans in the 70's where the sinus-afflicted could turn themselves over to Dr. Cairns, who would poke astringent-soaked gauze up both your stopped up nostrils and send you out to sit under a heat lamp in his sinus bakery.  There you and about 10 other dripping sufferers would spend a half hour soaking up wonderful soothing heat and catch the drips from your nose on kleenexes.  At the end Dr. Cairns would pull out the gauze and voila! You could breathe and your face no longer throbbed.  


  1. Not familiar with Dr. Cairns, but I do remember going to Dr. Failla for this "therapy". And his sinus bakery was always full of like sufferers seeking magical relief. And, yes, one had to remain abed for 24 hours after one's fever broke.

  2. those treatments are news to me!